April 14, 2012
Le Revolution

You start with patron. Try not to gag, please. Then you go for the lime, as quick as possible. You repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat…

but all records stop playing, eventually.

We want liberation, freedom from whatever binds us to mundane our lives that we will inevitably succumb to. As servants of our respected established institutions, we pay our dues through classes, labs, shitty cafeteria food, and fuckloads of stress and sleepless nights. There is no superficial recognition that we once sought as achieving scholars back in grade school.

No more 20 point curves from Mrs. Kerecman.

No more stickers for completing assignments.

No more 100s.

No more playoff soccer games.

No more getting 2nd in State.

No more acceptance letters from the best schools in the world.

No more Addie, Liz or whoever the fuck.

Being THAT person, whether it be in grades, in sports, in getting chicks - like honestly, that was all a tease for what’s coming up now. Its intense. In college being THAT person is not at all about getting a 4.0, nor playing on a Division 1 Varsity team, nor about being the Sig Nu guy.

It’s The Revolution. We may never be in the army, but we will all fight this war.

It’s not a matter of living or dying; rather, we are searching for a reason for this fight. Everyday we are inundated and raped by questions, questions that pertain  to both the rational and irrational. 

Haha, remember when we used to be on our “grind” (e.g. WHAP 24/7)? Well actually, I know a lot of people who are still on said “grind”. I have mad respect for them, but I’ve moved on, not by choice, but by victim.

I’ve finished my grind, and I’m sad to say this, but kids believe that the grind will take them places - and it will. However, some of them will succumb to the lifelong fad that after achieving such grind life is just diamonds and dollars. 

Having been a Grand Master Alchemist, I can tell you that life will never EVER only be diamonds and dollars. You can try all day to make diamonds from your grind. You can try all day to make dollars from your grind. But never in a million years will life just be dollars and diamonds.

I did believe that by now happiness should be a given, and that there should be a step-by-step guide to success. Isn’t that what the grind is all about: achieving happiness through working on what you believe to engender success?

However, I’m in this war. I’m so completely confused. Like dawg, why the fuck am I here? Can I try to “grind” myself out of it? I can be a soldier stationed in Iraq, pretty much chilling. Or I can be George Washington and lead an army (which honestly consisted of quakers and french guys…so I honestly don’t know how they beat the British) out of seemingly impossible situations.

So one facet we can take from this long, drawn out, weird ass metaphor is that it’s not all hard work -> goods. Like all wars, there’s a component of chance. There’s a component of grieve and happiness. There’s also an opportunity for you to be an intrepid leader rather than a mindless soldier. And sometimes being a leader may just mean following your gut.

So that’s what college is:

You’re not the center of attention, and that grind isn’t satisfactory. You have so many questions, so many concerns, so many wants, so many changes, so many dreams. It’s not just the “grind” now is it? You’ve got a little more “gut”.

So we can play this record over and over and over, but one day it’s going to stop playing. We can keep playing it, but we’ll be deaf to our world.

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